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Caregiving shouldn’t disrupt your life, instead caregiving is in need of disruption! Innovative technology can disrupt caregiving while improving the lives of caregivers & their elders.

tech.ur.elders (t.u.e) is specifically designed for caregivers of aging parents. tech.ur.elders website aims to empower caregivers by giving them tech solutions to help them maintain their lives while caring for their elders.

Whether it’s the best apps, the latest on new tech, new websites, caregiving tips, smart gadgets, social media support or product reviews.  t.u.e is here to show you simple tech solutions while telling you how it really is.  

Founded in 2016 by a daughter caring for her aging parents, Renee King, t.u.e was launched with her vision that for caregivers like herself; technology equals freedom !

tech.ur.elders is a guide for all caregivers of aging parents in need of tech solutions to help them care-give smarter.
My Aging Parents - Noel & Pauline

My Aging Parents - Noel & Pauline

Our goal is that all caregivers of aging parents see caregiving not as a source of stress and anxiety, but as a task of love that can be accomplished without completely compromising prior to caregiving dreams and aspirations.  

Caregiving doesn’t have to be more complicated than it already is. Caregiver self-care is not selfish. Wanting to still have a life & career outside of caregiving doesn’t have to be accompanied by guilt. With the help of technology we will disrupt all of this.   That’s t.u.e’s promise. 

t.u.e features technology solutions to lighten the demands of caregiving therefore improving the lives of caregivers of aging parents.  Before caregiving we were daughters, sons, entrepreneurs, students, wives, moms, dads, executives etc.  During & after caregiving we owe it to ourselves to still be daughters, sons, entrepreneurs, whatever we want!  t.u.e shows you how to apply realistic caregiving tech solutions to your life.  

t.u.e will not only feature caregiving technology solely related to caregiving. Instead we take a broader approach to your caregiving needs & experience — exploring all areas of your caregiving life where technology can give you a well needed hand; career, ambition, identity, relationships, and future security. 

We create a balance between caregiving for your aging parents and living your life by giving you tech solutions paired with expert opinions from a variety of voices — from tech gurus to eldercare experts to real life caregivers living through it. tech.ur.elders - take care of your elders with the help of technology.