Dear sister from another mister , TECH yourself before you WRECK yourself!
— your sister in caregiving, RENEE KING

Caring for aging parents is not easy, especially when you are still trying to navigate your own life.  Who has time to search for the right technology?  TechUrElders finds you the right caregiving technology to help you care SMARTER !


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You CAN care for aging parents & still live your best life! techUrelders matches you with the right caregiving technology for your needs.  


Does this sound familiar ?

Have you been -Overwhelmed with caring for aging parents responsibilities. Frustrated with the lack of support from medical staff, government services, siblings. Are you too busy to search for caring tech?

34.2 Million

Americans have provided unpaid care to an adult age 50 or older. 

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2.5 Times MORE

Single females caring for elderly parents are 2.5 times more likely than non-caregivers to live in POVERTY

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24.4 HOURS

On average, caregivers spend 24.4 hours a week providing care to their loved one.

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Reducing the high cost and stress of caring for an elder but still getting the job done all while still living your best life!


techurelders takes the stress out of finding the right caregiving technology to fit your needs. techurelders matches carers of aging parents with the right caregiving technology. 

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using caregiving technology I struggled with managing my parents finances, worrying about their safety, keeping up with medical needs while working a corporate america 9-5 job.

I was losing my sanity so I changed my strategy. I started researching and experimenting with different technology that would help me outsource different aspects of my caregiving responsibilities. With the help of caregiving technology I have been able to

Travel to Malaysia while remotely managing caring for my ALS mom and Aging dad.

Maintain my career

Pursue my passions

Reduce social isolation among my parents

And help other caregivers


When caring for an elder you don't have the time to research & learn about caregiving technology.


Personalized Service

TechUrElders connects carers of aging parents, grandparents and elders with custom picked technology that matches the carers needs.

The process is easy & efficient. Schedule a free consultation chat. Based on your needs assessment we will prepare and review with you the caregiving technology that best matches your needs.



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TechurElders is the right service for you if...

You are new to everything caregiving

You tried some caregiving technology and it didn't work for you

You have a full-time career, family and you care for an aging parent, grandparent


You are a long-distance carer of aging parents

You are single, have a full-time career and you are caring for an elder

You want to be prepared before you start caring for an elder