Please Smart Home Mom

Please Smart Home Mom

Technology is great until you have to pick it, buy it, install it, and make it work!  If you agree with me, say PREACH!  Introducing Best Buy Assured Living, the reason why I am having a major FOMO moment right now.   Best Buy Assured Living is a new concept for Best Buy currently in testing mode. 

Walk with me and let’s break this concept down


Best Buy yeah that blue and yellow electronic/appliance store you camp out at for amazing Black Friday deals.


Best Buy® Assured Living - a sensor-based notification service that connects you with your loved one without intrusion.



Currently only available in Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Why don't I live in Minneapolis?  Best Buy plans on rolling this out nationwide after test mode is complete.


Oh, it's going down right now! Check the video below & if you live in Minneapolis call and get yourself a free consult

Best Buy Assured Living

click here to watch video


Best Buy® Assured Living wants to be your partner in caregiving for your loved one with the help of technology that will:

Keep you connected to your aging loved one while allowing your aging loved one to live and thrive independently. 

Give you peace of mind for the times you can’t be there in person by tracking their daily activities in a non-intrusive way. 

Alleviate some of the stresses of caregiving. 

Lovely ain't it?


  • Aging loved ones can control devices using their voice
  • Caregivers can control devices remotely from almost anywhere
  • Dashboard & App displays sensor data, notifications, and controls/automates smart home products
  • Non-intrusive sensors that provide insight into daily activities, i.e., movement & sleep patterns 
  • Learn about activity trends and receive notifications if something changes.
  • Installation of smart home devices that automate lighting, door locks, and room temperature. 


So far all we know is that plans for the services offered are starting as low as $1 per day.

Products Used

Future Products

Over time additional smart devices will be incorporated into Best Buy Assured Living 

When can the rest of us get our hands on Best Buy Assured Living

Stay tuned hopefully this Best Buy concept run will prove to be a promising direction for the retailer and then Best Buy will roll it out to all stores nationwide.  

My Recommendations

Best Buy Assured Living is a great option for familial caregivers that want an easy way to get started with smart home and smart aging technologies.  It eliminates hours wasted on researching the right technologies and not having to worry about installation and setup of these technologies is truly priceless.  

The current product offerings within the program is a good starting foundation that can be built on in the future.  More and more retailers/providers are moving into this sector of consulting on and installing smart home aging/caring technologies.  Amazon presently offers a service similar to this but only in specific areas in CA.  

What do you think?  Would you try Best Buy Assured Living program?  

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