A Caregiving App with Everything You Need To Coordinate Activities and Improve Communication

A Caregiving App with Everything You Need To Coordinate Activities and Improve Communication


It takes a village to caregive for aging parents.  And apparently, my deadbeat brothers didn’t get that memo.  I presently provide informal care to both my mom and dad.  my mom is presently on a vent living in a nursing my home.  My dad lives alone in the home I was raised in.  I choose to live in a studio apartment alone approximately 30 minutes away from my dad.  If my dad wasn’t an alcoholic I would consider living with him. 

My present caregiving responsibilities include: constantly being on call for all caregiving emergencies, weekly visits to both mom and dad, escorting dad to doctor appointments, following up with medical staff, weekly grocery shopping, multiple daily check-ins calls with my dad, managing finances & medical applications etc.

My older brothers caregiving task list is not the same. My OLDER brothers caregiving task list is pretty much nonexistent.  Disclaimer my brothers are not local.  I am the closest in distance to my parents.  With that said distance is not an excuse for not doing your part in caregiving for your aging parents. 

My brothers are content with just making an occasional 5-minute phone call every other week. They both live within a 1-2 hour plane ride from my parents and they both are financially stable enough to pay for that flight.  They rarely visit and when they do visit its as if they are tourists (you know they come and expect food to be cooked for them, clean accommodations etc.)  Also when they do visit I still don’t get a “break”.  I am expected to still be the primary caregiver handling things as usual (you know like the solo caregiver I am)

I have stopped communicating with my brothers because I simply can’t comprehend how they can be ok with doing so little ( yes that is was my solution to the problem don’t judge me).   It's as if my brothers apply an out of sight out of mind approach to caregiving.  Meanwhile its always in my sight and never out of my mind!  I now have a better solution for my deadbeat brothers.  I’ve had enough of carrying the caregiving burden on my own.   It's time for me to push caregiving back into the sight of my brothers.   With a little help from a new app called Caring Village, I will no longer be the only caregiver to my aging parents.


It takes a village to caregive!  and that village is changing from me myself and I to me, myself and my BROTHERS!  


What is Caring Village?

Caring Village is the only easy-to-use dashboard and mobile app designed specifically for family caregivers, like you, making it easier, safer, and less stressful to care for an aging loved one. Your personalized village becomes the "Command Center" for all of your caregiving activities. Invite family, friends, neighbors, and care professionals to share in the care.


Caring Village is Comprehensive

I am impressed with how comprehensive Caring Village is.  It is obvious this was created by actual caregivers of aging parents.  If you are a fan of project management software you will really like caring village.  it is like a project management software solely for caregiving.  It covers everything from important document storage, care planning, care team communication, medication lists, centralized calendar.  It is simply lovely :)


Caring Village Site

The caring village dashboard flows really well.  Charts like the above guide your experience.  The user interface is clean, simple and easy to process.  The critical components of caregiving are covered via caring village -wellness journal, care plan, shared calendar, shared to-do lists, comprehensive caregiving checklists.


Top 3 reasons I Love Caring Village

  1. Visibility & transparency.  Seeing my parents care plan& care tasks in black on white on the caring village screen is a nice organized slap in the face of my deadbeat brothers.  Now that's priceless!

  2. Improve communication - I can admit I suck at communicating & I need help.  I honestly feel more comfortable communicating via the caring village app versus calling/texting my brothers.  It keeps the main issue at hand present while limiting the unnecessary EMO stuff.

  3. Perfect project management app for caregiving - Caregiving is a project that needs to be properly managed otherwise everyone ends up suffering.


Caring Village is great for new, current & future caregivers of aging parents.

It's never too early to start preparing for caregiving for aging parents.  And they have a phone app… AKA you have no excuse not to get your caregiving life organized!

BTW Caring Village is FREE!  I don’t know why it's free & I am afraid to ask them why it is, so I’m not going to. I totally should have mentioned that free part earlier in the post.  My bad!  Anyways I’m telling you now and IM saying it again Caring Village is FREE.   Yes, you can stop reading and go there now here is the link.

I am going to finish setting up my caring village and then invite my brothers in on the fun.   How lovely is the auto invite letter Caring Village sends to members you invite to the village? 



This letter is customizable and I recommend you customize it based on each recipient.  I customized the letter above that will be sent to my brothers.  I changed my dads actual name to “dad” so they can really feel it if you get me.  😃  Pray for me y’all.  I will keep you updated on my progress via TUE so you should subscribe!

Please Smart Home Mom

Please Smart Home Mom

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