Age in Place technology Kickstarters to watch this week

Age in Place technology Kickstarters to watch this week

Kickstarter is a bit annoying to navigate.  Specifically, the search functionality on the site sucks.  It is so time-consuming to discover campaigns of interest.  Luckily for you, TechUrElders (t.u.e) took the time and scoured Kickstarter for any hot new caregiver/aging in place technology!  Sadly there is not many (because the tech industry thinks younger demos are the more valuable customer) No worries t.u.e is also working on changing that!  Anywho, cheers to the chosen few listed below.


What did your smartphone say to your smoke to me dammit!



A smart WiFi device that connects all your existing home alarms and provides alerts on your phone when you are away and its only $49 bucks!


Stop living in a dumb home.  Make your home smart with Nodez!


A smart home device family that lets you turn your home into a smart home using a single app to control all devices for a minimal marginal cost !!!  Packages start at $196 (not bad in comparison to similar devices currently available on the market)


Your water heater needs a tech upgrade!



Hot water. Evolved. Experience purer, endless hot water on demand - controlled from the palm of your hand.


I want to know if mom slept well last night but I don't want to call her... there's an app for that ;)



FamilyConnect enables a parent to communicate to their adult child via an app crucial, essential health factors and conditions — are they eating, taking their meds, sleeping ok, how are they feeling, and a simple note feature to communicate any other concerns.    The daily input from mom or dad gets sent into the cloud, pinged to your smartphone and presented in an easy to read dashboard, effectively providing you with peace of mind wherever you are. 


If someone ever created uniforms for working daughters caring for aging parents, this would be it...



The 10ELEVEN9 Smart Shirt is designed as the daily companion for the digital native. The world´s first fully connected shirt.


Just scan the code to see the memorial!


Memcare Digital Memorial

Affordable digital memorial, easily managed and shared online. QR-code on the gravestone helps visitors find the memorial page.

Create a beautiful digital memorial for a loved one who has passed away some time ago - even years ago, and share it with your friends and acquaintances or the whole world.

Easily place a QR-code on the gravestone and memorial so that visitors can get access to the Memorial Page on Registering the GPS-coordinates of the gravestone (geotag) makes it easy to find.


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Stop worrying about the stove mom left on - iGuardStove

Stop worrying about the stove mom left on - iGuardStove