I'm dreaming of a world filled with Senior Care Technology

I'm dreaming of a world filled with Senior Care Technology

In case you missed it, last week Aging2.0 held its New York City Global Startup Search featuring 9 startups competing for the chance to compete for the grand prize at aging 2.0 optimize 2017.

The Competitors

The Competitors

What is Aging 2.0

Aging 2.0 - is a global innovation platform on a mission to accelerate innovation to improve the lives of older adults around the world.  Via global startup search events, regional summits and community engagement, aging 2.0 is advancing innovation in senior care.  

Why Aging 2.0  

There's an app for that...nope not for seniors.  The more accurate statement you will more likely hear from us caregivers is I wish there was an app for that already dammit!

Every caregiver for aging parents is struggling with some type of senior care issue that could be handled via technology.  Unfortunately, the present technology available is more geared towards solving non-senior care issues.  Simply put caregivers and seniors are just isolated and screwed.  I felt a personal connection to each startup featured at the startup search.  The stories behind each startup are shared dilemmas all caregivers of aging parents endure.


A few of my faves from the Aging 2.0 NYC Global Startup Search...


Interactive digital tool to guide financial life decision making.  I so needed this when I recently started managing my parent's finances and this is helping me now navigate the future I need to plan for myself.


ShareMail.me is a startup whose mission is to end senior isolation by making it easy to mail paper updates to loved ones from Facebook.  This is so perfect for those of us who don't have parents, grandparents etc. on Facebook.  Now they can still be connected to all the shared memories without the hassle of learning how to turn on the computer, get on the internet and get on Facebook.  I am sharing this one with my Facebook family so they can send memories directly to my mom and dad!  


GreyMatters is an interactive life storybook app for the tablet that aims to improve the quality of life for people with dementia and their caregivers.  This app may say it is for people with dementia but this is also great for people like my mom who has ALS and she is now living in a nursing home because she is on a ventilator.  I struggle with trying to find things to keep her engaged.   Music, specifically her favorite reggae songs really keep her spirits up.  I can't wait to get all the content onto this app and use this as a great activity that my dad, the activities coordinator and I can do with her.  This app is a great example of balanced form and function resulting in a practical solution.


UNDERWEAR REIMAGINED Wrap and go. No need to bend, balance, or stand on one leg to put on your underwear.  Producer of specialty, adaptive clothing line. Began with underwear and have expanded product line to include athletic and swimwear. The patented clothing addresses the needs of individuals with mobility impairment. The clothing is easy to get on and off and does not require bending, balancing or standing on one leg.  This startup was definitely a why didn't I think of that moment for me.  Sheer genius and simplicity that will help me if and when my dad reaches the point of needing this underwear.  I can just imagine how relieved my dad would feel not having to ask me to help him with his underwear    

And the winner is...

Spoiler alert - Undercare won the NYC search and will be presenting at aging 2.0 optimize! Such a simple and brilliant idea that really impressed senior planet CEO (Chief Elder Officer), Muriel Beach.

It gives us back our ability to live...I call it EMPOWERMENT!
— Muriel Beach


My Senior care tech-filled world dream

Muriel said it best senior tech =  empowerment!  We all want to live long empowered lives and the only way we can ensure that is thru senior care tech!  We are on our way but we still have ways to go.  Senior tech for seniors like Muriel = empowerment.  Senior tech for caregivers like myself = freedom!  Orgs like aging 2.0 are working to make this dream of a senior care tech-filled world a reality.  And so are we at t.u.e

Great turnout !

Great turnout !

We all play a part…

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